Lucie Kelly

"I have been training at the DHP for nearly 2 years and I love it. After years of cardio and being told that weights are not really for women, Huw has helped me to discover a real love of lifting. I really appreciate Huw's no nonsense attitude and how he pushes me to do my absolute best." 

Helen Isaac

"I have been going to DHP for the last year and a half and it has been the best decision I've made. It is such a friendly and motivating environment. Huw is a great personal trainer and I have hit goals that I never thought I would achieve! He pushes you to reach them in the best way possible for you! The biggest part for me is that I have learned to love myself again and know my self.

Lynne Daycock

"Huw at DHP has turned my 'cannots' in to 'cans'. I was never a gym bunny, but now feel stronger both physically and mentally after my training sessions (my therapy). I now believe I am enough!"

Charmaine Thomas

'So its been just over 3 months since taking the step to ask for help  which was difficult.  I knew pretty much what I needed and what I wanted to do but recognised that I would need support and guidance in getting there, so took the plunge and called Huw. 

It was like a breath of fresh air - exactly what I needed, no bullshit or airy fairy stuff just straight talking but most importantly listened first to the story of leading up to that point.  As a 52yr old woman who had gone through a pretty rough time with the dreaded menopause it was some story!  From the off, Huw gave me amazing support and advice,  is always available, & even got in the car and drove down when I had a meltdown on my first visit in the gym.

Huw has set me on a path that has now opened so many other doors for me - aerobics on the beach, walking 6 miles a day and best of all, back to sea swimming. The weight training has given me so much more confidence in doing things that haven't just been good for my fitness but for my soul

I can't really put into words how different I feel but honestly worth every penny towards my energy in life

As the saying goes "You are not your age but your energy".'

Shelley o'Connor

'When I first started 8wks ago I was really sceptical about weight training and increasing my calories after years of slimming clubs/rubbish diets. I wouldn’t pick up weights incase they made me look bulky but couldn’t stick to a all cardio plan. Now I can’t believe I didn’t start earlier! I’ve never had such fast results and enjoyed a programme so much. It fits in with mum life, my career and it’s really empowering to know my own strength. Alongside training I’ve had 24/7 support and the best nutrition advice, everything is broken down and made so simple!'

sarah daniel

Having struggled with her weight all her life, Sarah decided enough was enough and made some life changing decision.  Watch her story here.

Joe Rodon, Welsh professional footballer who plays as a centre back for club Rennes, on loan from Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, and the Wales National Football team, chats with Huw about DHP.

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